Peter Loftin – A few things to know

Peter Loftin – A few things to know

The United States of America (USA) happens to be one of the best countries in the world as far as entrepreneurship is concerned and perhaps one of the most reputed names in this regard would be that of Peter Loftin . Loftin is one of those few businessmen who believe in giving back to the community that has birthed them and helped them rise through the ranks to achieve prominence in a country that happens to be as competitive as the USA. Apart from being one of the top entrepreneurs of the country he happens to be a charitable individual as well, as has been stated already.

Details regarding Loftin

You can get in touch with him through his website if you are in need of any kind of business. Over the years, Peter Loftin has been richly rewarded for his acumen as a businessman as well as the kindness and wholehearted spirit he has shown in his various charitable initiatives. He has also won a number of major business awards such as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year, BTI Center for the Performing Arts Patron, and Raleigh Fire Marshal Honoree to name a few. He has also been on the American Red Cross Board of Governors, the National Historic Trust, and the Miami Heat Family Foundation. He has been a Duke Honoree Speaker as well.

Loftin was born and brought up in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC). His mother, Maree Nelson Loftin, happened to be a teacher at an elementary school. His father, Robert G Loftin had served the US Armed Forces during the Korean War. Loftin senior has also served at the US Government Social Security Administration. While serving in this capacity Loftin was able to eke out union contracts for all the employees of the Social Security Administration. Thus it is not hard to see the source of the charitable streak in Peter Loftin .

The start

It was in the telecommunications industry that Peter Loftin made his mark as a businessman. His rise also coincided with the breakup of the monopoly enjoyed by the Bell Telephones. It was in 1983 that he set up and consequently led Business Telecom Inc (BTI). This company was based out of Raleigh, NC. The caliber of Loftin as a businessman could be gauged to an extent from the success that BTI achieved under him in becoming one of the leading telecom companies in the North American country.

In fact, as far as Raleigh was concerned BTI happened to be the biggest provider of jobs among all the privately held companies. He was named the North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year by the Business North Carolina Magazine. It was in 1999 that an independent research group named the New Paradigm Resources placed BTI in the seventh place in the USA as far as the best local exchange carriers were concerned. For the purpose of this ranking exercise, the New Paradigm Resources took into account companies that were earning at least 400 million dollars in yearly revenues at that point in time.

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