Your Team Has Tons of Marketing Ideas – Here’s How You Know the Best Choice

Your Team Has Tons of Marketing Ideas – Here’s How You Know the Best Choice

There are times when you can’t extract anything out of your mind for your next marketing campaign even if you want to. In other instances, you have a lot of great ideas, and you don’t know which one to use. The people in your marketing team also have the same predicament. Having no idea at all is a challenge, but it can also be challenging if you need to start eliminating some ideas to come up with only one that you will use for the next campaign. Here are the best methods to come up with the perfect advertising strategy.

Let everyone pitch

You can organise a meeting not only with the members of your marketing team but even those who are not a part of the group. Allow everyone to speak their minds. It does not matter what kind of ideas they want to throw out there. Acknowledge them and take note of all the views. You can start choosing later when everyone has already spoken. Don’t dismiss any idea at this point no matter how ridiculous it seems.

You can also set up another meeting where people can pitch ideas in detail. If they feel strongly about their beliefs, they can use the opportunity to convince everyone that it could work.

Secret voting

When you have some of the best ideas left, you can start asking everyone in your business to decide which one to use. To avoid bias and hurt feelings, you can vote in private. For instance, if you choose to use a pop up banner , you can ask design experts in your team to come up with their design. After displaying the finished graphic, you can show it to everyone at work and let them vote. However, you need to make it clear that the winning design will still go through reviews before printing.

Initial testing

Some companies try to test their marketing campaign with a small group of people. For instance, they show the banners to a small group of potential customers. They will comment on the design and other aspects of the banner. If they provide positive feedback, you can use it to your advantage. However, if they have other comments, you might need to make changes to fit their preference.

Compare with other campaigns

Using other campaigns to improve yours is not a bad idea. It does not mean you are going to copy all the details. You can get inspiration from other campaigns and find out what elements worked. You can use these to improve your future advertising campaigns.

It takes time to decide which strategy will be most suitable. You need to ensure you don’t rush the decision since any marketing strategy used could impact your business. You also need to keep all the other ideas proposed, as they might not be useful now, but they could be effective if used in the future.

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