Peter Loftin – Knowing About The All In One Individual

Peter Loftin – Knowing About The All In One Individual

There are several success stories in the world which gain a lot of fame; however, there are very few of these stories which stick around in people’s minds and hearts. One of these success stories is of Peter Loftin . Loftin’s name has become a common household name all over the world. He is known not simply for his brilliant success on the work front, but also for his positive outlook towards life, society and his country.

Hailing from North Caroline in the United States, Loftin started off his career with a big, booming success. At the age of just 31 years, Loftin became the founder and chairman of his own multi-million dollar telecommunications company. He named his company BTI, or Business Telecom Inc.

This company, within years of its inception, became one of the biggest telecommunications company in the world, earning him revenues of 20 million dollars! Of course, these profits meant nothing to Peter Loftin personally. Loftin’s aim and ambition in life was not to gain success widely, but to give back to society and to the betterment of others.

A List of Loftin’s achievements

  1. At the age of just 20yr, Loftin founded a charitable organisation under the name of Coats for Kids. He used this opportunity to donate coats and winter garments to those who were lesser fortunate. Due to his kind donations and gesture, several poor and homeless people were able to survive the tough winter without freezing to their deaths.
  2. Even though Loftin dropped out of college two times by the time he turned 26, he soon recovered lost time. At the age of 31, Loftin founded his own telecom company, which he names Business Telecommunications Inc. Soon, his company grew and developed to become one of the biggest telecommunications company in the world. However, Loftin stayed stuck to his humble background and his ambitions in life, as he donated all of his profits to charity.
  3. In the year 2000, Peter Loftin turned his lifelong passion for art into a reality when he purchased the Casa Casuarina. He then lent this place for free to other art connoisseurs, who would often set up exhibitions, showcasing their brilliant art work for those who cared to see them. All of the proceedings from these exhibitions were also donated to charitable causes.
  4. With the help of Michael Haley and Richard Shaffer, Loftin co-founded a counter terrorism contractor, called CM3 group. This group was highly effective and skilled, and successfully handled several cases of terrorism throughout the country.
  5. Loftin became a founder of GolbeSecNine, which later became to be known as Torch Hill Investment Partners. This company which he founded dealt with defence and intelligence industries. The company was successful in helping local as well as global companies in growth of their capitals.

Peter Loftin dedicated his entire life to giving back to society and his fellow members. He was involved with several charitable organisations, and became to be known as one of the greatest philanthropists in the world.

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