The 10 Top Reasons to Scan Your Documents

 The 10 Top Reasons to Scan Your Documents

Is the hassle of managing your paper records in your business becoming challenging? Does finding the documents you need take hours? Are you running out of space for all your documents? Visit to see if they can convince you to go paperless.

Here are the top 10 reasons to scan your documents:

1. Your Customers Deserve the Best

The blueprint for a successful business is your customers. Document scanning ensures that your customers get the information they need, and fast. Digital invoices, contracts, and product information can be sent at a moment’s notice, and can be backed up easily and securely.

2. Enhanced Information Accessibility

Searching through filing cabinets to find documents wastes so much time. Document scanning converts your paper records to digital files that are easy to find so you can stay productive and profitable.

3. Archival Document Preservation

Excessively-handled records and historical documents deteriorate over time, whereas document scanning protects the paper records from physical damage. Digital copies can be accessed time after time without the risk of damage or deterioration to the original document.

4. More Office Space

Office space is expensive. Documents scanning free up valuable office space and you make more room for areas that create business revenue.

5. Disaster Recovery

Damage such as fires, floods and natural disasters pose a constant threat to the hard copy records stored in your office – it can also add to the source of disaster. Document scanning allows you to make digital copies, so if something happens, you don’t lose any valuable information.

6. Data Security

Tracking paper files and preventing unauthorised access to hard copy records can be a challenge. Digital images can be encrypted, stored securely in the cloud, and even backed up to digital media and stored offsite. This is the ideal solution for tracking and protecting your business information.

7. Shareability

Nothing is more time consuming than having to print copies of documents to share information with your colleagues. With document scanning you to share and distribute documents by clicking your mouse.

8. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance is one of the biggest challenges for any business in this day of age. Without the ability to produce information accurately, your organisation can face fines and legal costs. Document scanning streamlines audit requests and litigation processes by keeping your information organised and accessible.

9. A Green Business

Printing documents leads to deforestation and environmental pollution. Document scanning saves millions of trees, conserves energy and keeps paper waste out of our environment. Going eco-friendly is a must-do solution for both your business and our planet!

10. Peace of Mind

Document scanning gives you peace of mind knowing all your information is safe, secure, preserved, and always accessible.

Now that you know the in’s and out’s of document scanning, join us in creating a greener office environment that will allow you to work smarter.

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