Loan Reload Review

Loan Reload Review

2018 came to my home with bad news. I would like to share my personal story and show you how I have managed to improve my financial situation.

I work as a sales representative at a clothing store and do night shifts as a security guard sometimes. January 17, 2018, I was driving home and got in to a car accident. On the one hand, I was so happy that there was no serious damages to my car and I was planning to fix it for $500-$600. On the other hand, I had a one-way insurance policy, which means I had to pay for repairs myself. After a visit to my mechanic, he told me that my transmission was badly damaged and it would cost me $2,000 to repair it.

$2,000 was a big amount of money for me, which I did not have that time to fix the car. I was upset and asked my dad to lend me some money. Unfortunately, he did not have money either, so I went online to look for a private lender. Being honest with you, I am very skeptical about these loan sharks offering “affordable rates and flexible terms”, that is why I have decided to do my own research.

I found a company called Loan Reload. Firstly, I went to their website to find out about terms and rates. Everything looked legit but I have decided to read some LoanReload reviews too. Many people were very happy with services provided and I have decided to give it a try. I filled out an application and after 20 minutes, I was approved. Can you imagine? Approved in 20 minutes. Money went straight to my bank account next day. My mechanic was able to fix my car in one day so I could get to work without any problems.

Big thanks to Loan Reload for helping me out with my situation and lending me money so fast. I hope that you will never be in my situation, but if anything, I am sure this company is a great lifesaver tool for everybody.

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