It Important to Learn All the Rules and Regulations before Importing from China

It Important to Learn All the Rules and Regulations before Importing from China

As the sourcing agent for sellers that have products to sell through Amazon, LeelineSourcing agent in China seems to be doing a great job for the sellers that go through them.

More information for newbies

There is much information that this sourcing agent needs to teach the new sellers that are wanting to work on selling products through Amazon for the first time. Much of this information is crucial in furthering the consideration of the products they want to sell and what they can expect in return. It is important to:

  • Seller should pick a product that they are passionate about
  • Pick a product that is unique in some way, so it can be sold for a higher price
  • Pick a product that has shipping cost that are low per unit and that can be shipped in large quantities

Once you have information that is sufficient on the product you want to import, then you need to learn all about how this product can be imported.

Big or small

Since the seller will be shipping in bulk, outsourcing work to a shipping forwarder is possibly the way to go. But, if the packages are small for personal use, courier delivery services might work better when compared to using big shipping companies.

Before you start

Before you start importing goods from China, you need to learn all the rules and regulations. There are regulations and rules that you are going to have to comply with so, you need to learn them well. If not, then you will have a problem with poor transit time.

Type of products

Usually import rules and regulations are going to depend on the types of products you are importing. For example, children’s products such as textiles, toys, footwear, furniture and chemicals, all have regulations on credibility and packaging.

Importer is liable

You also need to know that it is the importerthat is liable for all goods they pick to import. Any problems with compliance wrongdoing will come back to you, not the supplier. To dodge the differences, make certain that you work with dependable Chinese suppliers.

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