What is Brand Activation and why do you need it?

What is Brand Activation and why do you need it?

TGP, superior brand:

For over twenty years TGP has been credited with providing a superior events service to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious businesses both locally and internationally. The Dubai-based company is your one-stop-shop for all your hospitality requirements reinforced by a wealth of knowledge and experience.

World-class service:

TGP delivers hundreds of projects throughout the UAE every year: iAV solutions, graphics, signage, event planning and execution, interior design and installs. Their qualified, competent, experienced staff allow for the delivery of professional, timely and world-class service.

We know what you want:

This company was created to serve you in the way of Brand Activation. It is fully aware of what is needed and what it takes to get your brand noticed, and in having it become a household name, in the mouths and in the minds of your target consumers. Brand Activation is forward thinking and is vital to the survival of your brand. It’s simple, if no one knows about your brand or you are seen as a mediocre brand then the support needed to keep you afloat and for the survival of your company will not be forthcoming.

State of the art tools:

Dubai-based Brand Management Company, TGP is able to totally transform your business and uplift your brand to where it matters most using state of the art tools such as:

  • Virtual and augmented reality with 4D interfacing
  • Interactive touch and presentation design
  • Internet of Things development
  • Application development
  • Physical interactive solutions
  • Kinetic interactive solutions
  • Guest experience journeys
  • Social vending machines
  • Interactive photo and video booths
  • Mobile platform developments
  • Implemented marketing management tools (KPI and direct CRM interfaces)

Equipped to serve you:

Having combined these tools with our vast hospitality knowledge it has allowed us to serve you in delivering major projects throughout our 5 regions giving you world-class service.

Delivering on our ethos:

Based in Dubai, this company is dedicated to its clients, prepared to work across weekends, evenings and holidays in order to get the job done. Allow TGP to be a major factor in your brand’s presence and the success of launching your brand. Being knowledgeable and experienced our design team knows what you want, they understand your requirements and will exceed your expectations in the delivery of innovations designed to make your vision, your brand a reality, from concept creation through to delivery.

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