What are the best Employee Benefits?

What are the best Employee Benefits?

For any business today, one of the most important things you can cultivate is a culture of loyalty . People who use your business want to feel like they are using as close to a family business as they can. The chemistry and working quality of any business comes from the connection staff feel to each other and the business as a whole.

Sure, you can have a fancy vision and mission statement which empowers staff to work for you. You could have that through-brick-walls charisma that makes people wish to fight for you to the end. Nothing, though, will beat having a good set of employee benefits to encourage people to stick around and learn from you. What, though, are the best employee benefits?

Benefits tailored to the person

The first kind of benefit you want is a flexible employee benefit . People like to know that their employer listens and will do all they can to accommodation their needs. From helping your staff out with things like health care programs to giving them access to things like holiday programs and childcare, you will find that you need to offer a wide range of benefits.

What you should not do, though, is make a one-size-fits-all employee benefits scheme. Rather, the best employee benefits are the ones which can be chosen from. Offer a wide selection to suit everyone, from the cash-driven careerist to the empire-builder.

Never force someone to take a benefit

Again, the best benefit programs are the ones with alternatives and opt-outs. If someone already has quality third party medical care, then you should not force them onto the company plan. By the same time, some staff members might need help in finding a role that offers them critical illness insurance: you could offer that as a potentially chosen choice.

You should also look to offer things like the chance for other forms of insurance, such as income protection insurance. This is useful as it will help your staff to see that you care about what they can produce in life, not just in the workplace.

Help your staff to save

Another change you need to make is that you have to help your staff to make some concessions on saving. Most companies just pay their staff and let them live with the consequences. Staff benefits should include important stuff like planning, saving and using that money in a more intelligent manner.

You should look to offer these kind of services – entirely optionally – as they will do a lot to help people make smarter choices. If you want to help your staff to start saving some money, then you should look to set up employee benefits aimed at this kind of thinking.

As a business, though, you should always look to offer variety and choice. The modern employee is often totally different from one another – even those in the same department. Don’t offer company-wide or department-wide benefits, though: the best employee benefits are the ones chosen by the employees themselves.

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