Top 5 cryptocurrency that you should know

Top 5 cryptocurrency that you should know

The usual way of trading in the financial market is a thing of the past. Investors today are diving into something known as the cryptocurrency , and they are the new trend. Along with being trendy, they are quite profitable and secure in their own way. That is one of the main reasons for them being famous in the recent years. Investors are rising, and they want to know more sorts of cryptocurrencies that they can put their investments on. So, we have compiled a list of the five best cryptocurrencies that one can invest on to get the best profit out of.

The top 5 cryptocurrencies on the market today:

  1. Bitcoins: No one can deny the popularity of Bitcoins as they were the first to be launched. The price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating every time, but it is the one most invested on. The price of the currency has raised up to $17,000 for a single coin. It is a good option for investment. 16.7 million tokens are in circulation at a given time for the Bitcoins
  2. Ethereum: The decentralized network of Ethereum makes it very popular. It is relatively new, but it has grown a lot since its launch. Per token can go for more than $700 and the market will grow soon worth $70 million. 96 million tokens of the Ethereum cryptocurrency can be found in circulation which is a very good amount.
  3. Bitcoin Cash: Once a part of Bitcoin it has made a separate identity for itself and is doing quite good on its own. A Bitcoin Cash token can cost you over $1000 which is a lot when compared to other cryptocurrencies available in the market. The current market is worth over $28.3 billion. One can find about 17 million BTC tokens flowing over the network, and it is quite profitable if you can successfully mine them or buy them.
  4. Ripple: Ripple is one of the most recent cryptocurrencies to get acclamation from the financial world. But it is one of the first that banks are also trying to get their hands on. It doesn’t have much value per token, but there are lots of ripple token in circulation. The number is speculated to be 39 billion. It can have a greater value if banking system decides to utilize them.
  5. Maidsafe: This cryptocurrency is very safe as none of the data are stored in any device. It is totally safe, and investors don’t really have to think about it much. It is currently booming in value due to the safety, and it would keep on doing so. It is priced low at only $0.10, but it is seen to be growing soon. They are soon coming in the market fully fledged.

The top 5 cryptocurrencies are something to think about if you are going to invest. Bitcoin and Ethereum still remain the first choices, but newer coins and lesser known ones are also gaining in popularity. So, look out for more coins to invest in.


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