Kucoin Exchange Network Advantage – Review

Kucoin Exchange Network Advantage – Review

Kucoin is a crypto-asset exchange platform that competes directly with Coss and Binance. Coss is an excellent exchange (which has the advantage of being decentralized) but for the moment it still has a user interface (UI) that is a bit poor and lacks the appropriate graphics tools.

Binance is a very similar exchange, which also has features that we can compare with those of KCS. This kucoin exchange review article delved into the advantages that Kucoin will have over other competitive exchanges.

More features

Kucoin has similarities with Coss, for example, in that 50{07e6f45e06b6212b7758d6987e781210b71bc7c7e73296f3ecfd05a590ad5307} of the fees paid are returned to the owners of KCS every day at 12:00 hour.KCS token holders have access to other benefits, such as discounts on rates similar to those of BNB, very fast transactions, and excellent customer service.

Kucoin has the long-term goal of becoming a decentralized exchange (DEX) so that legislative bodies have no jurisdictional power over it. Currently, there are limits on the accounts to withdraw money, but the developers will eliminate them soon.

Better user interface

The user interface is surprisingly good, with improved graphics compared to other exchange platforms such as Bittrex or Binance, which have a very limited selection of graphics tools. The Kucoin team is extremely active and has support almost 24 hours.

A lot of potential

It also has an invitation voucher: for each person that is invited, 20{07e6f45e06b6212b7758d6987e781210b71bc7c7e73296f3ecfd05a590ad5307} of the commissions of the operations of the person who has made the invitation and at the same time 12{07e6f45e06b6212b7758d6987e781210b71bc7c7e73296f3ecfd05a590ad5307} of the operations of the people who are invited are obtained.

This may seem like a pyramidal structure system, however, it is just a marketing tool, a way to attract more volume and traffic: the more friends you invite, the more income you can get.

Currently, KCS is valued at approximately $0.7, with 200 million total supply. The price of the ICO was at 0.3 $, so its current value has more than doubled.

Therefore, the KCS token is currently much undervalued, despite a large number of outstanding aspects: the attentive staff, the payment of dividends, the referral program. It has the potential to grow even more and still maintain its price.

The current volume of daily operations is around $1.1 million. If Kucoin can compete and deal with some of the most important names, the growth and potential dividends can increase manifold.


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