Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Project manager is the one who is overall responsible for the successful initiation, planning, execution design, controlling, monitoring and closure of the project. Project manager`s job title is used by many different industries like; construction, architecture, information technology, etc. that produces goods and services. He/she must have general management skills like able to ask penetrating queries detecting assumptions that are not stated and resolve the conflicts.

Project manager is the one who need to make decisions both large and small. He/she must make sure that they control the risks and minimize the uncertainty. He should make the decision which must provide benefit to their project.

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Project management software are used by project managers like; Microsoft Project, so as to organize their tasks and work force. With the help of these software packages, project managers can produce reports and charts within few minutes. Below are some foremost duties of project managers:

  • Planning: This is an important duty of project managers. They should determine what requirements are to be done, who is going to perform it and when it requires to be done. These all are the part of a planning process. Planning is a repetitive process that takes place all through the process of the project.
  • Organizing: It is all about setting up the structure of the team. An extensive driver in this aspect is the structure existence of the company. You need to take company`s structure in to account while organizing your project as the companies are basically set up as functional, matrix or projected organizations.
  • Leading: It refers to taking the project plan so as to achieve the project objectives. The leading of project is more challenging aspect especially for the new project managers. This is because project involves many soft skills like; communicating clearly, team motivation and conflict resolution.

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