Does Your Online Reputation Matter?

Does Your Online Reputation Matter?

Image, reputation, status all have been an integral part of every entity be it an individual or an institution or an organization, ever since time immemorial. An individual or a company’s image directly affects their marketability and their mass appeal. It affects a company’s sale and returns. You will surely avoid a company receiving negative reviews or negative media coverage because it plants a seed of doubt in your mind and creates distrust. You can’t entirely rely on such a company to keep their promises to their customers and conduct a fair business. Similarly, in the case of an individual, the public shuns the person and having lost the mass appeal, job offers dry up, and he ends up with a failed career. How the public take to an individual or a company depends on the image, it portrays.

The Double Threat

The image of an entity is like a cover of a book, which is like a glimpse to the inner world of the book residing within the pages, gives you an idea of what to expect, which may not always be accurate. The covers may not match the contents of the book in the same way as an image portrayed by an entity may not always live up to its actions. So for a company it is always important to follow through with the promises you made during promotions to maintain the reliability factor and a good reputation because in this age of internet it is a matter of few keystrokes and few minutes for something to go viral and meet with backlashes in the form of series of negative posts, articles, comments and reviews as the internet has become a place for anyone with an ability to write and a capacity for critical thinking to express their thoughts and opinions. So now, the press is not the only threat to a company’s image and reputation, but social media has also joined hands in this cruel game of destroying its reputation.

Mend The Damage Caused

So if you or your company’s reputation is the on the line and is under serious threat from negative news coverage and negative contents over the internet you may be in need of an online reputation makeover to mend the damage and turn the situation back to its normal state before it gets any worse. Trusted by several and having worked for many big name companies like CocaCola, TracFone, etc. to name a few, Tylor Collins at, with his team of SEO and reputation experts are adept at safeguarding your company’s reputation and keeping it from being tainted. He has 13 years of experience in the field of Internet Marketing and search engine and is helmed as a digital marketing genius and SEO expert. To quench your thirst for knowledge and curiosity, you can get his book, Digital Mechanics of Online Reputation Management on In the book, he provides easy to follow steps for online reputation control and explains how a search engine works and displays results. You can also be a part of his black box coaching team to learn the craft under his guidance for which you can apply on the website


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