Keep Warm this Winter

Keep Warm this Winter

Bitter cold winds and icy temperatures make snuggling up at home in the warmth so very appealing during winter. With everything from pillows and duvets to body warmers and microwaveable teddies there is plenty to keep your feeling toasty this winter. This is the best time of year to invest in some new accessories to keep you warm, and below we have selected a few of our favourite items that will do this in style.

Feather All Season Duvet

This awesome duvet is perfect for all year round use as it is technically two duvets in one. It has a warm 10.5 tog duvet perfect for chilly nights and a 4.5 tog duvet that is ideal for the warmer months of the year. Both of these duvets can be clipped together to form an ultra-warm 15 tog duvet that will keep you wonderfully warm and snug during the colder winter months. Effectively a three in one duvet it is definitely worth the money, and comes in a single, double and king size so there is one for all the family. Made with a pocket construction design it eliminates cold spots and helps the duvet to drape better. Filled with 90{07e6f45e06b6212b7758d6987e781210b71bc7c7e73296f3ecfd05a590ad5307} duck feathers for warmth and 10{07e6f45e06b6212b7758d6987e781210b71bc7c7e73296f3ecfd05a590ad5307} down for softness this duvet has a truly luxurious finish that will have you not wanting to leave your bed. A winter essential this duvet will last you for years to come and is all you need when it comes to duvets any time of year.

Knitted Animal Hottie

These are absolutely perfect for anyone of any ages from kids to fully grown adults. The cute designs are eye catching and make the whole product look that much more cuddlier, warming and inviting. The front of the hotties has a knitted design and the back is made from super soft ultra-warm fleece. Each hottie features a removable pouch that can be heated in the microwave for a gorgeous warming effect. Filled with wheat grain each of the pouches retains their heat and the insulating knitted cover also helps to retain the heat for a long-lasting warming cuddle. These hotties are the perfect alternative to hot water bottles as they are more child friendly and don’t run the risk of leaking or causing burns. Each of the wheat pouches is fragranced with the calming scents of lavender and chamomile, perfect for helping kids to sleep and for relaxing your body and soothing your senses. A wonderful addition to any cold winter night.

Warming Slippers

There is nothing worse than having cold feet during winter so make sure yours stay toasty with a pair of gorgeous slippers. With plenty of different styles to choose from including furry and microwavable for the adults and cute character ones for the kids, the choice is yours. They are warming, soft and fluffy and are perfect for wearing around the home. The cute design makes them an ideal Christmas present and they fit most kid’s feet up to a size 3. The adult versions come in some more stylish versions, and for the fashion conscious among you, pair them with a good old Christmas jumper and some thick framed Oakley glasses for that cool Christmas look!

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