How Can a PDF Editor Help You in Your PDF Editing Needs

How Can a PDF Editor Help You in Your PDF Editing Needs

Getting a PDF editor is necessary if you frequently scan documents, books, or images with your scanner. There are lots of common mistakes that can happen when you are scanning a document. You will need a PDF editor to edit these mistakes before exporting them into a PDF. By purchasing the software, you can avoid the hassles of using free online PDF editor tool.

A PDF editor lets you change the orientation of the scanned images in batch. For example, you have hundreds of scanned images that are scanned in the wrong orientation. You know you can use the free image viewer in your computer to rotate it to the correct orientation but the problem is that it does not have a batch feature. This means you will have to spend hours having to rotate each scan image to the correct orientation. You can conveniently rotate all the scanned image into the correct orientation at one time if you have a PDF Editor like Movavi PDF Editor.

In Movavi PDF Editor, you can select all open images by selecting one image first and then using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. Once all the images are selected, you can click on the rotate button on the right to rotate them. Each time you press the rotate button, the images will rotate by clockwise at 90 degree. You should keep pressing the rotate button until you get the right orientation on the images.

You can use a PDF editor with a drag and drop interface to combine several PDFs or images into a single PDF. With the drag and drop interface, you can drag an image in the wrong sequence to the correct position with your mouse. Maybe there are some pages, images or text you want to remove in the PDFs that you are combining. To make edits, you must go to the Pages Mode. You will see a list of tools on the right side bar. If you need to delete multiple pages, simply select them with your mouse and press the Delete button to delete them.

The Edit Objects mode allows you to edit images in the individual page. After clicking the Edit Objects button on the top right, select any image you want to edit and right click it to see the editing options including rotate, and delete. You can also move a selected image to another position on the page by dragging it. The image is also resizable by dragging the corner. You can also make an image embedded within a page as a new page in the document. To do this, select the image and press the copy button on the right. Next, select the page after which you want to add the image, and press the Append Files to add it as a new page.

It could also be that you have a PDF and you want to take out some of the pages in it to make them into a separate PDF document. To do this, you can select the pages individually with your mouse and press the Extract button in Pages mode. If you need to split a document, you must go to Edit Objects mode and then select the text block. Once the text is selected, press the copy tool to copy it and then press the Blank page button to add a blank page. Now, you can paste in the text you just copy from the existing page.

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