How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven for Industrial Needs?

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven for Industrial Needs?

Choosing the apt vacuum oven that will essentially meet the needs of your industry is often difficult. An ideal vacuum oven should be efficient enough to work as per the industry standards and yet need low-cost maintenance since no industry can afford any stalling of work due to machine breakdown.

Vacuum ovens at LeDab are often required in various industries like chemical based industries, medical industries, aerospace industries, and electronics industries. Depending upon the type of work done by the oven at these particular industries, vacuum ovens are chosen as per the requirements.

What Are the Types of Industrial Oven Available for Industrial Needs?

In terms of availability, various types of vacuum ovens are available, which are capable of doing multiple tasks and additionally meet the requirements of thermal processing and allow heavy workload as per the requirement. These capabilities allow the vacuum oven to be utilized for industrial applications rather than any commercial oven. Currently, there are two types of vacuum ovens: Elite and AccuTemp, which are widely used in industrial applications.

Which Type of Industrial Oven Is the Best Fit for Your Industry?

The main factors, which help any industry decide the perfect industrial vacuum oven that will meet their requirements, would be the budget for the appliance, space availability for proper installation (obviously installing a gigantic vacuum oven and having no space would be a big problem and you might end up renting a space for accommodating the oven), overall performance, energy requirements, and efficiency of the machine.

Both the types – Elite and AccuTemp – come loaded with unique functionalities. Accutemp ovens are best suited for industries that conduct small-scale operations and distribute heat from all the sides (including top, bottom, right, left and back side). This kind of oven helps in the processing textured extraction of waxes, strain colors etc.

Elite vacuum ovens are used for large-scale operations that include processing massive batches of similar products and deliver similar results as well. They also provide the relevant industry with separate and detachable shelves, which automatically allows an additional area that helps the material to expand easily into the vacuum oven.


Although both the vacuum ovens can be easily treated as vacuum drying ovens that help to take off the moisture from flammable solvents and materials, vacuum drying oven should be primarily chosen as per the type of work requirement. Depending upon the type of industry, you can easily choose the best fit vacuum oven that can meet your industrial requirements in the best possible way.

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