Semalt: How To Deal With Unwanted Emails And Spam

Semalt: How To Deal With Unwanted Emails And Spam

Have you ever opened your email and found more than one thousand unread emails in your inbox, 95 percent of which you are not interested in reading? In most instances, you will be prompted to delete an email here and there, but the work may be involving considering you have to be keen to ensure you don’t delete an email of interest. This can be daunting when you are aware that you have to repeat the sort out the following week.

This indicates how the email problem increases, with more and more unwanted content coming to your inbox up to a point where you desire to deactivate the entire account. However, this is not possible since the email is linked to Facebook, eBay, PayPal, etc., and deleting the email will result in a hassle of a unique kind.

Ross Barber, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, tells how the following four tactics helped him to recover his account from the spammers:

1.?Track the source that often sends you unwanted emails. Don’t adopt the lazy approach that entails deleting the emails. Open each one of them and unsubscribe and after doing so, look for the sender’s address in your email. Subsequently, it is considered safe to delete every content that pops out of your outcome list. Owing to the fact that you have unsubscribed, you will no longer receive emails from such sources.

2.?The law requires that all commercial emails should have an unsubscribe option. Despite the requirement, I realized that the majority of my unwanted emails lacks cancel or unsubscribe features. When you realize that you are receiving an email from a source that has no option of opting out, send the following email:

“Please take (insert your email address) off this email from the list. Thanks”!

No need to add any other information since the email is to the point. You should expect a response in the form of “Done!” as proof that you have successfully addressed the issue of the unwanted emails.

3.?Creating folders enables you to navigate smoothly through your emails moving forward. This is the best intervention in regard to managing your email since it helps you to deal with incoming emails and keep the inbox clean. For instance, I had created seven folders within my email and given them different names depending on their primary role. If I want to save an email, it will be perfectly stored into one of these folders. This is critical in ensuring that my inbox is clean and fresh at all times.

4.?Once you have managed to fix your email, you obviously don’t want it back to its previous status. Manage your inbox effectively by ensuring that you deal with an undesirable email immediately they pop up. If you procrastinate this, you will probably find yourself with thousands of emails to sort out one by one. Once the unwanted emails build up again, you can address the situation by repeating step one and two.

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