Apart from doing a normal Ph.D. by thesis to get a Doctorate degree, there are other ways that make it possible for one to acquire it.

Integrated PhD

Also referred to as New Route Ph.D., this doctorate is offered within a span of four years. It includes doing a Research Program for a Master’s degree for a one-year and then moving on to the doctorate program for the remaining three year period. This particular degree can be found in a few associations of institutions of higher learning like the University of Phoenix.

Those who pursue it are represented by resources, applied know-how, and exploration that is cutting-edge. This enables someone doing it to absorb practices related to the specific area of study and at the same time acquire expertise that is handy and which can be passed on to others as one grows to become a forerunner in their preferred occupation. Universities are also able to come up with integrated doctorate programs that are tailor-made for each specific want of those pursuing it. For instance, if you are thinking of going for a job as a lecturer for higher education, universities may allow you to get a postgraduate certificate (PGCert) in Teaching and Learning (CLT) – perfect.

Professional Doctorate

This type of doctorate degree is mainly offered on a part-time basis and can be completed in a span of between two and eight years and admissions are done with the other doctorate programs. The doctorate comprises of an important module that is taught and so as a result, a reduced research project. It is mostly meant for existing specialists in occupational areas such as healthcare; teaching and education; and engineering and manufacturing.

For this type of doctorate, the assignments done are mostly based on real-life matters that touch on your particular establishment since your main goal will not be to get employed in the teaching profession. The research you do is anticipated to add value to the concept as well as a unique way of handling issues in your current establishment.

Ph.D. by publication

In this scenario, one is required to give in printed material that has already been in circulation such as books, book chapters, and journal articles. All this make up a comprehensible group of work and is a true indication of a creative influence on a specific area of study. Over and over again this is the option that dons who are in their mid-level grades but have not had the chance to undertake a Doctorate degree prefer to go for.

Normally, one is supposed to get not less than five and not more than eight portions of the printed material. It is important to note that the printed material one presents is determined by their size, though this is not the same for all institutions. This will then be evaluated using the same serious criteria as the normal customary Ph.D. by theory.

One is also required to give in a printed backup declaration, which can be composed of between 5,000 to 20,000 words, and present all this to an academic committee. Your supervisor will guide you on your backup declaration as well as what to present from amongst the printed materials you will have managed to gather for this purpose.

There are some universities that will agree to take their alumni alone for this method of pursuing a doctorate degree, while there are others who will confine this method to their teaching members of staff, but normally one is supposed to have graduated with the first degree within a period of not less than seven years to qualify for the same.

Distance learning PhD

Since doctorate degrees at the University of Phoenix are basically founded on a liberal way of studying instead of one having to walk into a classroom or learning hall, this method is worthwhile to go for while pursuing a doctorate degree. For those with families to take care of or are in employment or live in a far away country, this method will enable you to do your study from wherever you will be and not have to be within your institution.


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