What Makes Coinbanks Optimal Bitcoin Trading Service?

What Makes Coinbanks Optimal Bitcoin Trading Service?

Online trading has become a popular mode of earning nowadays. It has also got a little difficult to find a reliable online trading platform that can increase the chances of a trader’s success. Although there are myriad trading companies on the internet, yet choosing the right one is the demanding task. If we talk about crypto-currency trading platforms, Coinbanks is a platform that provides fair trading services with advanced and innovative features.

There are a few things that make CoinBanks different from other trading services and these include professional trader’s assistance, high frequency trading for the 1st time in the industry, easy funds upload, tailored PAMM accounts, real time tracking with 100{c0a5bae8153cb5bfa1a2388c8e12121b4a62021fffa82f2db4f1f2846bf40f12} accuracy, safe & secure transactions and managed accounts from bitcoin professionals. Now let’s take a look at how some of these features make CoinBanks dissimilar from other trading services in the industry.

PAMM Accounts

CoinBanks PAMM accounts (Percent Allocation Management Module accounts) are an easy way for individuals to wisely choose their money managers in order to carry out the forex trading operations. With this sort of account the investor can make profits with minimal involvement. Actually the tendency to make profit or bear loss depends upon the selection and the ability of a money manager or account broker.

The PAMM Account has now become a less risky method of making money online. The main idea behind the Percent Allocation Management Module account is if a trader has nothing to invest but knows how to trade profitably, he can give capital management services and get rewarded in return.

Account Types

CoinBanks offer different types of accounts including Gold, Silver, Bronze, VIP, Diamond and Platinum. All these require different initial deposits and offer diversified features. So a trader can select the account type he thinks suitable for his trading career.

HFT or High Frequency Trading

An automatic trading process predominantly used by institutional investors, hedge funds and large investment banks is termed as HFT or High Frequency Trading at CoinBanks. It is created to rely on powerful computers to manage a large number of orders at fast speeds. Thousands and millions of trades can be performed through such a robust system. Thus, institutions that use this platform reap great benefits in the open market.

Security Systems

CoinBanks is different from other trading platforms because it employs high standards of encrypted security systems. The fully encrypted communications make sure that your secret information is never leaked to an irrelevant person. Guidance is provided to every client so that any potential security breach can be addressed in a timely manner. The 128 bit SSL encryption certificate is utilized in order to protect the information transferred between the customer device and the platform website. Furthermore, CoinBanks controls and supervises all communications of the system and record activities. Security checks are carried out on a routine basis by professional information security experts. So the personal information and investment of a trader is secured. This is how CoinBanks is a preferred platform from the security point of view.

Diversification of the Investment

All Bitcoin investments are volatile in particular and that’s what makes this sort of investment interesting for investors or traders longing for immediate results. Nevertheless, majority of the pro investors suggest the expansion of one’s investment between different types of instruments. This is how a trader can manage the risk levels more accurately. CoinBanks is a different platform that allow investing in a variety of instruments like commodities, currencies, CFD’s and indices in a user friendly way. If a novice is not sure about the correct mode of investment, the staff at CoinBanks help find the suitable solution in time.

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