Uss Express llc logistic services work from home employee reviews: frank review by Graeme Martin

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Uss-express llc employee testimonials: general overview of remote job opportunities at logistics services, support of the Black Lives Matter

Best remote job opportunities and cooperation with the best partners: Express Scripts, Amazon, Walmart, and others

Uss-express is an international delivery and fulfillment company that serves both large international service providers and individuals. Currently, they cooperate with many reputable e-commerce projects, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others.

Today, in order to cope with all the workload, the company promotes the development of experience in employing workers for remote jobs across the US. People, who want to work from home at this logistic services provider, may apply for the following vacancies:

  • Courier for the delivery to international destinations
  • Quality control manager
  • Account manager of the customer service

Work conditions review: salary, requirements, and job prospects

Salary for a Uss Express worker depends on some aspects, including occupation, position, responsibilities, and workload. Basically, a part-time employee may receive up to $1,700 per month. This is what a part-timer may actually get because the company covers all the shipment expenses on its own. If you apply for a full-time job, you will have the possibility to earn up to $3,200 per month.

Salary isn’t the only attractive thing about Uss-Express vacancies. As I, Graeme Martin, figured out, all the vacancies provide pretty alluring job prospects. This means that devoted and hardworking employees may get promotions up to the chief of the remote workers department.

Talking specifically about work conditions, there are some key points to focus on. Firstly, part-timers work with a flex schedule and can spend their free time the way they like. Plus, this legit employer guarantees regular bi-weekly payments. As a bonus, workers get access to a usable app that helps to cope with some duties faster.

LGBT and Black Lives Matter Support

Uss-Express is a progressive employer that realizes the necessity to secure rights of representatives of all the society layers. That is why the company supports LGBT and Black Lives Matter movements and provides good career opportunities for their representatives. For instance, as I figured out from many reviews, the company contributed a lot to the employment of the members of the community of Black Lives Matter in Chicago.

The rate of Uss-express employee reviews

Uss-express regularly receives positive reviews from its employees. They always point out that the work is rewarding also the workload sometimes might be too intense. However, they are satisfied with the salary, support from managers, and regular bonuses from their employer. Here is the overall rate of the company on some of the specialized forums.

Platform Rating
Trustpilot 4.4
Yelp 5
Bizapedia 4

How to get a remote job in Uss-express: recommendations from Graeme Martin

  • Have your personal computer with the camera and the ability to work on it whenever you need
  • Have your own garage or other place to store many items safe
  • Take your time to prepare for a 10-minute job interview
  • Point out your objectives