Software Outsourcing Screw-up Guide

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More and more companies outsource their software development to other countries to reduce costs, save resources, and bolster efficiency. However, this turned into complete disaster for many of them. Today we will give you some tips on how to follow their example and ruin your project once and for all.

1. Nepotistic system is our choice

First of all, you should try and find someone you heard was a skillful coder – it can be your half-cousin, your barber son’s friend or your gardener, whatever. If he has no degree, no experience, no projects complete – he’s your first choice.. Favoritism is the best way to end in failure right on the start. If that doesn’t work and the candidate turns out to be a real professional – just keep reading, there’s some other ways to screw things up.

2. The Lowest Price Wins

If your relatives don’t have ‘programming talents’ on hand, no worries – hire the cheapest development team possible.

Top development companies cost more because they include possible difficulties and setbacks in the price so you won’t pay extra if facing such scenario. Those who don’t are either incapable of foreseeing any trouble due to incompetence or arrogant enough to think their product will be perfect right away. Your plan is as follows: you hire the cheapest team, then hire another one to clean first team’s mess, then repeat until your project is completely ruined.

3. Best Supervision Is No Supervision

Lack of competence can be compensated by proper and mindful guidance. Try your best and deprive your outsourcing team of the opportunity to save the day with seagull management and vague instructions.

4. Task Management Disaster

Most development companies use task management software for their work. You tell them to use phone calls, pieces of paper or text messages instead. Also, never let them implement waterfall or agile development model by mixing them up, that will be truly confusing and disorienting for your team.

5. Non-specific Technical Specifications

Even without effective supervision, your tech specialists can do the right job if provided with detailed specification. Your goal here is to be as undecided as you can – don’t give them any references, examples, materials they could use, avoid setting milestones until the deadline, never set task priorities, and this will result in a total fiasco.

6. Make Your Team Feel Incompetent

Every developer has his expertise, be it programming or design. So, make them do what they can’t do! Assign marketing tasks to coders, design to accountants, programming to graphic designers – and there you have a failure business recipe.

7. Mess Around with Your Intellectual Rights and Critical Data

Now, if you followed our recommendations so far, your project should have already turned into complete disaster. Well, here’s some icing on the cake, that can lead to a grand reputation and money loss – don’t sign any non-disclosure agreements, give your vendor full access to all your databases, your customers’ personal data and so on, so it can be easily stolen and improperly used. You even might end up in court.

That was a short guide on how to screw up outsourcing. In case you don’t want to follow this scenario, entrust your project to a professional development team. Here at Rubyroid Labs, we can boast a number of productive projects. Let us know about your idea and we’ll think of a solution together.