Max Polyakov’s Valuable Insights About the Integration Process at Noosphere Ventures

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Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Wants to Build Integration in the Level of Spacex

As Max Polyakov, the Noosphere Ventures managing partner, explains, vertical integration is the way to move forward. That means a company gathers its portfolio of companies in such a way that they gain full control of the process. They directly manage everything from launch, ground bases, analytics, satellites, data, and so on. That approach has several crucial advantages over any other.

Max Polyakov explained very clear what their vision is. They believe acquiring and merging, also known as consolidation, will become much more common in this sector. A very good example of this vertical integration approach is SpaceX in the States. Since they have full control of the process, SpaceX managed to grow quickly and became a reference to many others in the industry. Reaching that level and even surpassing it is what Max Polyakov and his team at the company strive to do.

The holding Max represents, Noosphere Ventures, with its position as an investment company, which has averaged around 200 million dollars in acquiring and merging investments. More impressively, those numbers talk about yearly averages in the past five years. One of the partners at the company, Mark Watt, seemed confident about a component Fabricator or even a small satellite builder being added to their portfolio next spring.

Other several examples Max Polyakov cited as exceptional cases for vertical integration are “Planet” and “Maxar Technologies.” Both companies hold for small satellites, but the latter, Maxar, is a very interesting prospect. By the words of Max, the company has a great interest in being capable of fabricating satellites between fifty and fifty hundred kilograms. This is where Maxar comes in since recently they began divesting for multi-ton, very large telecom spacecraft.

Max also noted that suppliers for small satellites are of just as much interest. That comes down to the company viewing the distinction between smaller and bigger manufacturers as “thinning.”

The executives at Noosphere, including Max Polyakov, refused to give exact numbers regarding how much money the company is investing or on how many companies they are taking in. Nonetheless, Max denoted that the company is very invested in the Firefly project. They want any manufacturer to be just as invested in supporting it.

It is easy to understand why there is so much interest around the project. Firefly was one of the very few companies selected to compete for a big space project. The objective of that project is to bring payloads to the moon. With all the development, investments, and future plans, Polyakov believes that Firefly has become more than a rocket company. In his words, it is an integrated space exploration company.