How Crowdfunding Can Help Make Cleaner Neighbourhoods

How Crowdfunding Can Help Make Cleaner Neighbourhoods

For anyone who has travelled abroad, the unfortunate fact of India’s falling short of the best standards of cleanliness is something that will come out as glaringly obvious. In fact, one only has to keep an eye open to see how unclean and poorly cared for our streets and public spaces are. People litter freely dropping cigarette butts and used food containers and banana peels and packets of chips and soft drinks freely on the streets, and in their defence, there are no dumpsters at every street corner as there should be to receive this waste matter. So our environment gets dirtier and dirtier with little recycling done and improper waste management skyrockets and leads to us having to pass on a more polluted world into the hands of our children.

Organizing cleanliness drives for communities is a relatively simple way of keeping our neighborhood spaces clean and usable and consequently also beautiful. If the inhabitants of a community themselves participated in these projects, in addition to a few hired helping hands, there is no reason why a community cannot be cleaned up to perfection and even beautified. Some of these endeavors might include door to door garbage collection, disposing of trash in environmentally friendly ways (such as by disposing of them in a compost pit rather than incinerating them), and by providing receptacles and dumpsters in public spaces to allow people a chance to actually throw discarded matter into the right container.

Crowdfunding India is a time tested method in India for implementing these community level projects which need some degree of funding to get started. With crowdfunding India, you can raise funds online from compassionate and empathetic donors anywhere in the world, by asking for help from the comfort of your own home. Social media sharing of your campaign can bring you in contact with potentially hundreds of donors. This is how crowdfunding India lets you realize your dreams of community improvement and caring for the environment in simple, easy to follow steps and at the lowest cost you can imagine.

To start a fundraiser, just choose your crowdfunding India platform and click on start a fundraiser. This part is usually free! The platform will collect a small fee once you have met your target. We can’t think of a fairer or more effective method of getting funds for the community project of your dreams! Don’t wait, begin fundraising today.

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