A deep dive into Exante.eu’s web trading platform: review

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Exante.eu is a leading international broker offering trading services for a wide range of financial assets, including equities, bonds, funds, options, futures, and currencies. Based in Malta, it was established in 2011 by Anatoly Knyazev, Alexey Kirienko, and Gatis Eglitis. Exante.eu provides access to over 600,000 instruments in over 50 financial markets worldwide through a single multi-currency account, and it has established itself as a leading player in the online trading industry.

Exante’s web trading platform

One of the key features of Exante.eu is its cutting-edge web trading platform, which provides a range of advanced tools and features to help traders execute their strategies with precision and speed. The platform includes a powerful trading terminal, a comprehensive API, and FIX connectivity, making it ideal for both individual traders and institutional investors.

Exante.eu also offers a range of educational resources and analytical tools, including market insights, charts, and news, to help traders make informed decisions. Below, we take a closer look at them.

Availability on browser

Exante.eu’s platform is available on browser, compatible with the major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. In general, some information traders can find on the platform include the account balance, trade activity, real-time market data, position overview, current orders and historic order overview, the bond screener tool, the click-trade function, transfer ability between accounts, and an overview of their transaction history.


Exante.eu’s platform divides up its instruments very clearly, and they are grouped by stock exchange and organised by alphabetic order. Traders can search for an instrument or an exchange through their name or through stock tickers, and they can expand the nodes of the instruments tree the platform lays out. They can view Time & Sales, Market Depth, and Order, as well as the instrument sheet simultaneously.

To continuously monitor an instrument or several instruments, they simply need to drag and drop it to their Quote Monitor. They can arrange their monitor in a way that suits them best, as it is a very customisable feature.

To view instrument options, they can turn on the ‘show options’ feature in settings. This will allow them to view all available options, and the tree will update on its own. It may take a while (several minutes) for the instrument tree to refresh or longer, depending on one’s connection speed. However, as the tree is updating, the progress bar will indicate how much longer it will take.

Price charts

A good trading platform of course has a well-equipped price chart, and this is the case for Exante.eu. Traders can do a lot with their price charts, customising it to their hearts’ content. They can firstly change up the chart style with the viewing of candlesticks, and they can activate the logarithmic scale. They can add, modify, and remove indicators and drawings.

Most importantly, they have a selection of timeframes they can choose from when trading. They can select timeframes from the following: 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes, 1, 4, and 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. They can then view detailed information based on their trading strategy.

For those who prefer to trade at night, they can toggle a Dark Theme for their trading terminal. Generally, traders can show and hide completed and working orders as they wish, navigate the price chart by placing it in a desired location on their terminal, and zoom in and out with a mouse wheel or touchpad.

Time & Sales

Traders can also monitor Time & Sales of specific exchanges they are interested in with this module, which provides tick-by-tick data in real-time. When they are keen on exploring the activity of an exchange, they can view the trade timestamp, average price, and total size of transactions. The Exante.eu platform shows the most recent trades on top for convenience. This feature is available for instruments that have sufficient data only, and in cases where there is insufficient data, the module will be empty.

Market Depth

The Exante.eu platform also displays each market’s market depth with a colour-coded histogram. The Market Depth module provides a list of active limit orders arranged by price and size. The tightest spreads will appear at the top, so that traders can discover new opportunities in markets. They can also use the histogram to analyse different market conditions of different exchanges, so they can make more informed investment decisions.

Placing and monitoring orders

Finally, traders can place orders easily in the Order panel, selecting their preferred duration and quantity in the same panel. They can also execute their risk management strategies by placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Should an order be forbidden for a certain instrument, the platform will let the trader know before the trade is placed. Traders can then monitor their orders in their Current Orders panel. They are arranged by activity, and all active orders will be at the top. However, traders can apply filters to find historic orders too by selecting the instrument name, type of order placed, or the exchange in which the order was placed through. Nevertheless, the most reliable way a trader can search for a historic order is by searching for its ID.

Is Exante licensed?

Yes, Exante.eu is licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and is a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme, providing additional protection for clients' funds. They also operate in the UK, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, and they are licensed by the respective financial regulatory bodies – the FCA, the SFC, and the CySEC.

Exante.eu's licenses allow it to provide a range of investment services, including trading in a variety of financial instruments, to clients in Malta and beyond, in any of its 20+ strategic locations globally. Regardless, it is strongly adviseable that traders only participate in trading when they have a thorough understanding of the instrument they want to trade and know how to analyse price charts with precision, as trading carries risk.